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After Bitcoin! Best Crypto To Invest In 2023

After Bitcoin, what are the best coins to invest in 2023? Asset Price is driven by cycles, Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum have had in 11, 7 and 3 years their cycle.

Will crypto rebound in 2023?

End of 2022 we already have had some cryptocurrencies that turned into bull trend signals like the AI coins for instance. It's not impossible that the year 2023 could see more cryptocurrencies with bull trend signal. The real question is which crypto coin will rise in the next months? And this information can be confirmed by a combination of technical analysis and market psychology. However based on certain events the information can also quickly change and turn in the other direction. Disclaimer Do your own research before and after investing in crypto or any other markket.

Which crypto has best future in 2023?

So we can ask the question of which cryptocurrency is best to invest in 2023? but this information depends on the new year and is still quite short term prediction.

Which crypto is best for next 5 years?

Which crypto will boom in future years? Indeed the best to invest is to catch en entire cycle like Bitcoin did in 7 years or Ethereum in 3.5 years.

HOT HoloFuel Crypto

Holochain has been developed during the last 5 years and now the open-source Rust software called Holochain RSM is finally avalaible as Beta for developers and Holo Host to build with confidence with it HOT HoloFuel Crypto

XEN Network Crypto

The crypto created a new algorithm called Proof of Parcipation (PoP) that is aimed to reach mass adoption and be fairly distributed and decentralized: Buy XEN Crypto

Neighbourhoods NHT Crypto

Neighbourhoods is a project built on top of Holochain and aimed to offers social intelligence for the distributed web Buy NHT Crypto

Past history: 2022 and before

Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum have had in 11, 7 and 3 years their cycle. We follow the market since 5 years and we adapt to the evolving crypto ecosystem to focus on new bets. Find here history of our previous bet in crypto, we still follow and manage these projects but their are not our top bet for the future years. EOS: (EOS) designed by Daniel Larimer and now forked by other projects like WAX (WAXP) and Protonchan (XPR) or even Ultra (UOS). Stellar was previously in our top bets but now moved in the "Follow" list only, we like what they are doing with smart contracts and NFTs. Find more information about investment cycle and previous history of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Gold.