After Bitcoin: EOS



Thanks to its design EOS is disrupting several sectors of the economy including social media, games and platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. We believe that EOS is a good bet for the future and we are not the only ones since several investors with very impressive liabilities are investing in the EOS ecosystem. For example, we talk about Mike Novogratz, manager of the Galaxy Digital Investment Fund, Jihan Wu's CEO of Bitmain and Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal.

Buy EOS with credit card

To buy the EOS (EOS) now the best is to go through Coinbase and make a deposit in fiat (Euro, Dollar...) by credit card or bank transfer. For information the best is to fund your account by wire transfer because you will have less fees compared to credit card. Buy EOS on Coinbase Buy EOS on Bitpanda Buy EOS on Binance

Official sites

The number of sites linked to the EOS blockchain has quickly been impressive as each network block producer (transaction checkers) is working to develop tools to support the ecosystem. Below is a list of official links related to the EOS blockchain its block producers. The sites displayed here are verified by MetaCert.

EOS ecosystem

In just a few months EOS has become the most widely used platform for decentralized applications. Indeed EOS has easily dethroned Ethereum in terms of numbers of applications but especially in number of active users and transactions. And it was predictable because EOS was designed to execute a very large number of transactions per second and is very fast.

Put yourself in the place of a user on an online betting site, you bet 5 euros on a game of chance, you want to know your result immediately, and this is the case with EOSBet, if you never played you will be pleasantly surprised by the user experience. And this is only the beginning because in 2019 many other projects will arrive on the market of online games. However to be honest if there is an online casino game where you can trust it is EOSBet, indeed it is currently the first and even the only decentralized gambling application to have obtained a official license of a government.

At a certain point the user experience will be so good that the player will not even realize that he will use the blockchain and yet it will be handy for him because he will be able to accumulate rewards during his games, win medals or points that will be recorded on the blockchain and will ultimately have a market value. Yes he can resell them or exchange them for other items in another game. Can you imagine the potential? This is totally new in the world of video games and we think that when players have understood the interest of the blockchain to save the performance of the player then EOS will simply become a reference cryptocurrency and the price of the EOS will flare up like never before. And why not imagine a day where all our favorite games such as Fortnite, Minecraft or Warcraft would be on the blockain EOS. In the meantime you can play with EOSBet.

To learn more about the decentralized applications (DAPPS) that are available in just a few months, here below are the best sites that list the dapps of the ecosystem EOS.

Below are some illustrations where you can notice the multitude and diversity of projects that revolve around crypto EOS.

The ecosystem around EOS
The ecosystem around EOS
The ecosystem around EOS

Social Networks

To share with the community here is the list of forums and social networks most important for crypto EOS. This will allow you to follow news, discover new dapps and make your own opinion on this block chain.