After Bitcoin: EOS


EOS is a new generation cryptocurrency that solves the main problems of older generations, particularly in terms of scalability and transaction fees. EOS is a good bet for investing in the future of cryptocurrencies. Buying EOS is betting on the future of blockchain.

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Why to buy EOS?

Thanks to its design EOS is disrupting several sectors of the economy including social media, games and platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, let's say decentralized finance (DEFI). We believe that EOS is a good bet for the future and we are not the only ones since several investors with very impressive liabilities are investing in the EOS ecosystem. For example, we talk about Mike Novogratz, manager of the Galaxy Digital Investment Fund, Jihan Wu's CEO of Bitmain and Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal. At the start of 2020, EOS added another important step with the official release of version 2.0 of its blockchain software EOS.IO supposed to be 16 times faster thanks in particular to a new WebAssembly engine (WASM) developed in-house. But that's not all, this new version adds WebAuthn support that will allow users to authenticate more easily directly via the browser and last thing very promising for blockchain developers, the company has just made available an Integrated Development Environement (IDE) to allow developers to more easily and quickly start a new blockchain project. At the end of 2020 the project was in the spotlight as (B1) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) officially announced a strategic partnership. Google Cloud Platform has become a new block producer candidate of the EOS network, which with its powerful fiber optic network and global coverage will allow the EOS network to continue to move forward both technically and commercially. Indeed with this partnership EOS has gained recognition from the biggest name in the tech world. One good news hides another, indeed on the same day announced the arrival of a big name in finance. Marty Chavez, former technical director and financial director of the famous American bank Goldman Sachs. He will serve on's board as chairman. A few days later another important piece of good news in the EOS ecosystem fell, indeed one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bitfinex, announced the release of its decentralized exchange built under EOS. This exchange called Eosfinex will bring liquidity to the EOS ecosystem since there is a liquidity bridge between Bitfinex and Eosfinex. In addition, this exchange will allow saturated blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to be scaled since these two assets are available in wrap tokens. Not convinced yet to buy EOS? we recommend that you take a closer look at the growing ecosystem below.

How to buy EOS? (credit card or transfer)

To buy the EOS (EOS) now the best is to go through Coinbase or Bitpanda and make a deposit in fiat (Euro, Dollar, Pound...) by credit card or bank transfer. For information the best is to fund your account by wire transfer because you will have less fees compared to credit card. If you want to buy just a small amount of EOS it's maybe fine by Credit Card because it's simple and fast but if you have a lot of money to invest in crypto, you should really think to use wire transfer immediately. Also many people would like to use Paypal to buy EOS but we do not recommend it because no reputed platform supports this method of payment and Paypal generates a lot of costs compared to a payment by credit card or bank transfer. On the other hand to sell your EOS and receive the money on your Paypal account it is possible at Coinbase.

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EOS: Official websites

The number of sites linked to the EOS blockchain has quickly been impressive as each network block producer (transaction checkers) is working to develop tools to support the ecosystem. Below is a list of official links related to the EOS blockchain its block producers. The sites displayed here are verified by MetaCert.

EOS: Ecosystem

In just a few months EOS has become the most widely used platform for decentralized applications. Indeed EOS has easily dethroned Ethereum in terms of numbers of applications but especially in number of active users and transactions. And it was predictable because EOS was designed to execute a very large number of transactions per second and it is very fast (one block every 0.5 seconds).

EOS: Decentralized finance (DEFI)

After the big explosion of decentralized finance under Ethereum in 2020, developers realized that they can do the same on EOS and even do much better thanks to the speed and zero transaction fees of the EOSIO blockchain software. Some DEFI projects under EOS even started well before the DEFI trend of summer 2020, for example Newdex (NDX), Vigor (VIG) or Chintai (CHEX). Then in the summer we saw many promising new projects appear such as Defibox (BOX), Defis Network (DFS), Your Fancy Carp (YFC), DMD Finance (DMD), Coral Finance (CRL) and even more... All of those projects are easily tradable against EOS on the Newdex decentralized exchange or on the Defibox and Defis Network decentralized swap applications.

EOS: Video games

In the future of video games, the player will be the king, he will be able to accumulate rewards during his games, earn medals or points which will be recorded on the blockchain and will ultimately have a market value. Yes he will be able to resell in fiat currency them or exchange them against other items in another game. Can you imagine the potential? This is completely new in the world of video games and we believe that when players understand the interest of the blockchain to save player history, then EOS will simply become a reference cryptocurrency and the price of EOS. will blaze like never before. And why not imagine one day when all of our favorite games such as Fortnite, Minecraft or even Warcraft would be on the EOS blockain. This is exactly what the Ultra (UOS) and WAX projects offer, which are blockchains developed from the EOSIO software.

EOS: Casino and online betting

Here we are talking about everything that revolves around online gambling, casino games, card games, online betting… And in the EOS ecosystem there is no shortage of this kind of projects, the user has the choice and the quality tends to increase as competition increases. Put yourself in the shoes of a user on an online betting site, you bet 5 dollars on a game of chance, then you want to know your result immediately, and this is the case with EOSBet, if you do not have ever played you will be pleasantly surprised at the user experience. And this is only the beginning because in 2019 and 2020 many more interesting projects have entered the online gaming market. However to be fair if there is one online casino game that you can trust is EOSBet, indeed it is currently the first and even the only decentralized gambling application to have achieved a official license from a government. You too can play at the casino with EOSBet (BET), you can make sports bets with Sportbet (SBET). At a certain point the user experience will be so good that the player will not even realize that he will be using the blockchain and yet it will be very practical for him because he will have greater control of his credits (tokens) and transparency and therefore confidence is assured.

EOS: Sidechain (others EOSIO blockchains)

As discussed previously there are other blockchains derived from the original EOSIO software built by the company. Indeed since the software code is open-source other projects use it as a basis to develop a new blockchain, we call it a sidechain or sisterchain but it is in fact similar to a fork like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. or Litecoin. So there are Ultra and Wax in the world of gaming and there is also another very interesting project but very little known to the general public, this project is called Telos and the developers are building new very interesting features such as support of the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) directly in Telos, this will therefore allow Ethereum projects to migrate their smart contract to the Telos blockchain and therefore take advantage of scalability, speed and null transaction fees. But that's not all, the Telos team is also working on T-Bond-inspired DEFI projects with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading platform that add expiration delay 1-5 years before being able to unlock the token.

EOS: List of EOS Apps (DAPPS)

To learn more about the decentralized applications (DAPPS) that are available in just a few months, here below are the best sites that list the dapps of the ecosystem EOS.

Below are some illustrations where you can notice the multitude and diversity of projects that revolve around crypto EOS.

The ecosystem around EOS
The ecosystem around EOS
The ecosystem around EOS

EOS: Social Networks

To share with the community here is the list of forums and social networks most important for crypto EOS. This will allow you to follow news, discover new dapps and make your own opinion on this block chain.

Invest in EOS

If you are now convinced by EOS, now is the time to be courageous and take action. If this is your first time and you don't have an account yet then don't give up, go all the way, the process is strewn with obstacles, including verification of your identity (KYC) but it's up to you. It is necessary only the first time you buy. So don’t give up, remember you are an early adopter! Learn how this revolutionary technology that is blockchain and the world of cryptocurrency works and you won't regret it!

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