After Bitcoin: Stellar

Buy Stellar Lumens

Stellar is a cryptocurrency that has proven its ability to evolve over several years, it has won recognition from the biggest players by questioning itself over the course of its existence, Stellar is a good bet for the future of digital currency. Buying Stellar Lumens is betting on the future of digital transactions on a global scale.

Buy Stellar Lumens

Why to buy Stellar Lumens?

By design, the Stellar Lumens platform is designed to disrupt remittances but also the entire banking sector, indeed the speed of transactions and the low costs are the main advantages of using Stellar rather than Bitcoin or Ethereum. But that's not the only advantage, in fact Stellar is also easier, you can quickly create your own currency. In addition, Stellar is safer for projects that use it, in fact the contract system is very secure, simple and efficient unlike Ethereum. However it does not offer as much power as Ethereum but that may change, indeed lately the project implemented the integration of a Turing complete smart contract functionality like Ethereum called Stellar Turrets, which unlocks a new area of decentralized applications for Stellar, one of the first applications to have seen the light of day is Last but not least, at the end of 2019 the Stellar project team made an important decision for the future of the project. In fact, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) burned a total of 55 billion lumens (XLM), worth $ 4.4 billion, in order to reshape its development strategy. Stellar and Ripple are two projects with a lot of similarity in terms of technical implementation but with two different strategies, with this important announcement we think that the Stellar Lumens (XLM) token will become much more sought after by investors while the token Ripple (XRP) still has a huge amount still not in circulation that Ripple resells on the market as soon as the price goes up. Another big advantage for Stellar compared to Ripple is its founder Jed McCaleb who is still in the project as chief architect, while Ripple had to recruit a new architect who does not have all the knowledge of Jed. Stellar and Ripple are also in the process of competing on the creation of digital currencies for the central banks of several countries (CBDC). For example Sellar is working with Ukraine to create their digital currency project called E-hryvnia. Once again we bet that Stellar will win over its competitor Ripple thanks to its technological know-how.

How to buy Stellar Lumens? (credit card or transfer)

To buy the Stellar Lumens now (XLM) now the best is to go through Coinbase or Bitpanda and make a deposit in fiat currency (Euro, Dollar, Pound...) by credit card or bank transfer. For information the best is to fund your account by wire transfer because you will have less fees compared to credit card. If you want to buy just a small amount of XLM it's maybe fine by Credit Card because it's simple and fast but if you have a lot of money to invest in crypto, you should really think to use wire transfer immediately. Also many people would like to use Paypal to buy XLM but we do not recommend it because no reputed platform supports this method of payment and Paypal generates a lot of costs compared to a payment by credit card or bank transfer. On the other hand to sell your XLM and receive the money on your Paypal account it is possible at Coinbase.

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Stellar XLM: Official websites

Here are the official links of the Stellar Lumens project, we advise you to go explore these sites in order to make your own opinion about this project before investing, the project has a very high potential and we think that it can quickly dethrone the competitor project Ripple as an international transaction system but for this it must win a massive adoption in the coming months and years, it's really the thing to follow to invest in this project....

Stellar XLM: Ecosystem

The ecosystem of Stellar revolves around decentralized platforms (DEX) and the Stellar is very ambitious indeed they aim to disrupt all the financial world such as exchanges, trading platforms... And we believe it's possible because for the end user that is to say, the little independent trader... There is much to gain only by counting the transaction fees from trading websites such as IG Bank or eToro.. It cost a not insignificant amount! With Stellar the costs will be divided by one hundred or per thousand. These low transaction fees are a significant factor which has enough to convince more than one to buy Stellar Lumens now.

Stellar XLM: Social Networks

To share with the community here is the list of forums and social networks most important for crypto XLM. This will allow you to follow news, discover new applications and make your own opinion on this block chain.

Invest in Stellar Lumens

If you are now convinced by Stellar Lumens, now is the time to be courageous and take action. If this is your first time and you don't have an account yet then don't give up, go all the way, the process is strewn with obstacles, including verification of your identity (KYC) but it's up to you. It is necessary only the first time you buy. So don’t give up, remember you are an early adopter! Learn how this revolutionary technology that is blockchain and the world of cryptocurrency works and you won't regret it!

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