After Bitcoin: HoloFuel

HoloFuel (HOT/HF)


HoloFuel is the first cryptocurrency launched by the Holo Host company using the Holochain framework. We anticipate great visibility for this project in the year 2020 with the release of the testnet for the HoloFuels and the commissioning of the real network at the end of 2020.

Buy HoloFuel with credit card

To buy Holofuel (HF) or Holo Tokens (HOT) you first need to buy Ethereum or Litecoin with your fiat (Euro, Dollar, livre sterling...) on Coinbase and then send it all to Binance. Coinbase accept credit card or wire transfer. For information the best is to fund your account by wire transfer because you will have less fees compared to credit card. In a few months, maybe Coinbase will add HoloFuel directly on its site and you will not have no need to go through Binance. Buy HoloFuel on Coinbase Buy HoloFuel on Binance Buy HoloFuel on Bitpanda

Official sites

Here are the official links of the Holochain and Holo Host project, we advise you to go explore these sites in order to make your own opinion about this project before investing.

Holo ecosystem

The ecosystem of Holo is super interesting to watch in the following months. If you are a developer it's also worth it to try this Holochain framework and see how easy it's to develop a decentralized app by yourself.

Social Networks

To share with the community here is the list of forums and social networks which are worth it. This will allow you to follow news, discover new applications and make your own opinion on this new way of thinking offered by the Holochain software.