Buy Crypto

Buy cryptocurrency

There are several methods to buy cryptocurrency. We offer two that are satisfactory. Important: take the time to understand how each platform works because in the world of cryptos a small manipulation error can lead to a consequent loss. For example during a transfer an address error is irreparable, we can not go back.

Fiat exchange

To buy a cryptocurrency you must first open an account on an exchange site offering an exchange between the fiat currency and cryptocurrency (Fiat to Crypto). Currently two sites of very good quality offer to make this exchange from most currency fiduciary. These are Coinbase and Bitpanda and we can also mention Binance, which is launching its Binance LCX service from Liechtenstein. You can use your credit card or a bank transfer to fund your account. Buy on Coinbase Buy on Bitpanda Buy on Binance

Local Peer-2-Peer

An alternative to this traditionnal exchange you can also use sites called localbitcoins, localethereum, localmonero or localnanos. In concrete terms, these services allow for a peer-to-peer exchange between individuals all over the world. The local site takes care of the intermediary to ensure the security of the exchange, however thinkza well follow the entire protocol to be secure.